Viollan Hermosilla

Full-Stack Developer | Digital Nomad

Hi there, me again, Vio.

I’ve been on the online industry for more than 10 years now, my first ever job was a Content Writer, VA and a Photo Editor in UpWork (formerly oDesk). Being a student and a freelancer at the same time it helped me financially. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology last 2016, but even before that I’m already developing websites and applications.

I’ve worked with numerous clients and worked with decent IT Companies locally and remotely in the past few years and absorbed quality experience. 

I am here willing to help you with all your digital marketing needs. You name it and you’ll have it. Let’s talk.

Vanilla PHP | PHP-OOP 100%
Vanilla JS | jQuery 100%
HTML5 | CSS | SCSS 100%
WordPress | WP + eCommerce 100%
WordPress Custom Plugin Development 100%
WordPress Custom Theme Development 100%
Shopify 100%
Shopify Liquid Development 90%
Shopify Plus 80%
Laravel 90%
On-Page SEO | Off-Page SEO 90%
Adobe Suites 90%
Vue.js 80%
Magento 75%
NPM | Node 75%
Server Management 95%
Google Business Suite | Email 100%
AWS | LightSail 90%
Laravel Forge 100%
WHM | Cpanel 90%
GIT 100%
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